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Marketing convention down in south west london

Hey, Bernard here again. I’ve decided to write down my memory of a trip I made down to London in 2013. I’ve had quite a long, interesting and varied career, but for large parts of it, I was working in marketing, specifically for a marketing company.

Despite not doing that anymore, I still take a deep interest in it, and when I can, I invest the time and money to go to conventions and seminars specifically about marketing, how it’s evolving and what about it has changed recently.

I almost try to go to one every year, but I haven’t managed to go to one this year (2014) so I’ll tell you about the experience I had going to Chelsea in London a year and a half ago. First, it’s worth mentioning that it was being held in Chelsea, one of the richest and swankiest areas of London. Before that date, I’d only briefly driven through Chelsea so I was looking forward to spending the weekend there. On a bit of a whim, I decided to splash out and stay in a hotel in Chelsea which set me back quite a bit. But all in all it was well worth it. The first day (which was on a saturday) completely knackered me out, so at the end of the day I was very grateful and happy that I had an incredibly comfortable bed waiting for me to collapse in at the hotel.


I learnt so much over the course of the weekend – it’s seems I’ve been out of the game for too long. I learnt a lot especially about internet marketing. For the entire time in saturday there were numerous speakers talking all about it, and some on Sunday too.

One thing I especially enjoyed discovering about was the effectiveness of video marketing. There was an independent internet marketer there who explained just how vital it was to his business. Furthermore there were actual bread and butter businesses explaining the usefulness of a great video marketing campaign. Along with this was a chap talking about viral marketing and how you can literally grow a business incredibly quickly in such a short amount of time with a viral video.

I was really impressed by this part of the convention. When I got back home after the weekend, I decided to do my own research into it. I still have many friends with businesses, and as I’ve got some spare time, I thought I’d do some research, and send them a message explaining why I think a video marketing campaign would be good for them. I found a number of companies that did this, all of which looked good, especially this event video production company from Houston Texas.

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What news from the casa?

Hey everyone,

I think I may have forgotten to introduce myself from one of the earlier posts. Anyway, my name is Bernard – it’s a pleasure to meet you! I received a really great response from my first full length post, and I’m working on another one as we speak which will no doubt be available for you to see in the not too distant future. Within it, I’ll be talking about a trip I made up to Scotland, so if you’re from there or you too enjoying travelling there you will most definitely find the post entertaining and interesting.


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My first adventure exploring the south coast

For my first post I want to reminisce and regale you with a story about my travels in the south of England. I am native to Hampshire which is fairly south central, and I like to think I know the south fairly well.
I have however lived in West Yorkshire for the past twenty years, and maybe this accounts for my jaded view of the south. I’ll tell you now, when I went back down there for a road trip on my week off from work, I barely recognised the place. It had changed so much. Or maybe it was just me that had changed. Either way something was different.

I started by going back to my home town in Hampshire, which is called Andover. It was great seeing my old family and friends. I literally hadn’t seen some of them since I’d left twenty years ago. I was only there for a few nights, but I did manage to squeeze in a visit to my old local, which was such a good idea. Seeing many familiar faces, that I thought I’d never see again did bring some joy to my heart.

The morning after that incredibly fun experience I was on my trip down to the south west. The plan was to head to falmouth as quickly as I could, so i could spend the remaining four and a bit days of my holiday there. The forecast was sunny, and I was travelling during the day on a weekday so in all honesty I expected to get there fairly quickly. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Unexpectedly a huge thunder storm started about an hour and a half into my trip. It slowed me right down and caused a hell of a lot of traffic on the road. I was stuck in traffic for an incredibly long time – nearly four hours! and before I knew it, it was 5 pm and I still hadn’t even reached dorset yet. On a bit of a whim, I decided I’d drive to Bristol. I was fairly close and I had a good friend there I knew he would be comfortable with me dropping in quickly. I should have called him in the car rather than waiting until I got there, because when I did, he didn’t pick up his phone.

I had to quickly find somewhere to stay. I was basically looking for a really lovely room to rent in bristol for the night. Luckily I found just the place after a short while of searching and I was saved. I headed on down to Falmouth the next day and resumed my trip away, somewhat annoyed I used up the best part of a day getting there!

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Welcome to my casa on the coast

This is costa del casa, and I’m glad you’ve found us. This blog won’t be incredibly serious and I’ve made it in order to explore a certain hobby of mine. I love travelling around the country and staying in different areas at bed and breakfasts’ and hotels. Within this blog I’ll be commenting on my travels and letting you know what I think of the places I stay at.

I’ve also got my own little place on the coast now too, that I’m beginning to let out and use as a b’n’b, so I’ll be keeping you up to date with that. Thanks for stopping by.

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